Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Social Media

*begin rant*
I've been increasingly interested in the areas of event planning and social media, and am  currently in the process for applying for a job I really, really, really want. It's a social media marketing associate position with Joule Assets, a company working towards energy reduction by interacting with and educating the general public. I happen to have a great deal of knowledge about the energy efficiency/reduction industry thanks to my internship last summer with the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, a non-profit out in Boston (the report I worked on all summer actually went live on their website yesterday woo hoo!).

Shout-out on page 3! Not quite Page Six, but close enough.

The only problem then, is the social media side.

Don't get me wrong, I actively use my personal Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Pinterest accounts. I have this blog, and confession, I even have an email account, Twitter account, and will be starting an Instagram account for this here blog! But since I don't have a whole ton of readers, I don't update the Twitter too frequently, and have never gotten a legitimate email. In other words, I have a comprehensive plan set up for the "marketing" of my blog, but I haven't really ever used it.

Yes, I do have barnwood as my background. Deal with it.

So how on earth do I convince a company like Joule Assets that little ol' 22-year-old, fashion-blogger-wannabe, DIY-er me could be the absolute best person not only to create a comprehensive social media plan for their entire company, but implement it into the company culture?? And how can I get them to look past the fact that I'm blogging about fashion and get them to realize that I actually have really good ideas about how to improve their social media presence as a professional energy efficiency organization, even though much of my social media presence/experience is fairly informal?

My residents/followers aren't as fanatic about Instagram as I am. And yes, those are hair curlers in my picture.

I have no idea. But I think it starts with me committing to my (or at least, my blog's) social media presence. I want this job badly enough, so I'm gonna try. And with that...
*end rant*

Just wanted to say that you should totally follow me on Twitter, shoot me an email, and/or follow me on Instagram (when I get that set up...)!!

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